the Adventures of Lonic: a gay rhythm game fan fic - Part 7

so, its After-Lonic Part 1
With no reason to save the world anymore, our protag, oooaaqo, gets a job at the local 9/11 convenience store
[10:36 PM]
One day, the slushie machine broke and spilled purple liquid all over the floor.
[10:37 PM]
oooaaqo had to get the mop out and clean up the mess.
[10:38 PM]
He got invited to play mahjong after work, but declined. There was a tv drama featuring his favorite on later and he didn't want to miss it.

His favorite idol was Rie. She was kind of cute, but had an average voice. oooaaqo bought all of her CDs anyway
[10:40 PM]
He even met her once and she said he was the coolest transforming golden robot dinosaur she'd ever met
[10:42 PM]
He thought that she might have liked him, but her dating preference in a magazine read: not dinosaurs.
[10:42 PM]
So, he was content with being her fan
ooooaaqo still enjoys a good all night session of mahjong with his friends
[10:40 PM]
the other golden tranforming dinosaur robots, eeii and uiiiyooi, and ichihime
[10:41 PM]
one friday, they were all drinking golden sake (15% gold, 15% alcohol content) while playing mahjong.
[10:41 PM]
oooaaqo is making some mistakes, so ichihime asks him if something is wrong
oooaaqo tells them he is just a bit down since his favorite idol, Rie, isnt really into golden transfroming dionsaur robots.
[10:45 PM]
uiiiyooi laughs at him. he says thats what dinobros are for and he was gonna help oooaaqo out.
[10:46 PM]
they're quite intoxicated and oooaaqo doesnt think much of it
[10:48 PM]
On monday, oooaaqo was back to work at the conveince store. But everyone coming in the store commented on how cool it was that he was a golden transforming dinosaur robot. oooaaqo didnt know why
[10:49 PM]
uiiiyooi had developed a marketing campaign promoting how awesome golden transforming dinosaur robots were, especially if you're an idol.

when he got off shift, he had a text for Rie on his phone and she wanted to meet up
[10:51 PM]
so they has diner that night at a restuarant that costs a full year of oooaaqo's salary, but he had a coupon, so it was kinda affordable
[10:54 PM]
Rie asked him if he wanted to date, but he refused because he thought the marketing campaign was the reason she changed her mind. At the end, he paid the bill and they both went sadly on their way.

Last time oooaaqo and Rie went their seperate ways as oooaaqo couldn't accept that a marketing campaign changed her mind

[11:12 PM]
oooaaqo decided to travel to the golden moon to think
[11:12 PM]
there he encountered holograpgic jesus running a tropical beach club.
[11:13 PM]
on the golden sand by the golden ocean, jesus was surrounded by beautiful golden women.
[11:15 PM]
oooaaqo explained the situation and jesus snapped his fingers, turning some wine into a beautiful golden woman. jesus offered the woman to oooaaqo
[11:16 PM]
oooaaqo declined and jesus turned her into some fish and said
[11:16 PM]
that oooaaqo needed to stop being a moron and get his priorities straight

enlightened, oooaaqo went back to earth and met Rie at the local bowling alley where they got married immediately and lived happily ever after

their daughter, Raozia, goes to school on an average day, but there's a new transfer student: (edited)
[11:38 PM]
Lonvarious Ickythotan
Roazia, the daughter of oooaaqo and Rie, met a mysterious transfer student at school one day.

Lonvarious Ickythotan, as known as Lonic, looks just like any other high school boy except for being 6'8" with bright yellow hair.

It's been a month since Lonvarious transfered to Roazia's school, but she has still not introduced herself to him.
[10:36 PM]
One day, she was at her club room. The rhythm game club. When Lonvarious entered
[10:37 PM]
and the same time, another student also entered. His name was 9.onic
Together the 3 of them research ancient rhythm game legends and set out to find the original Revolution Revolution Dance machine that was said to be created by Lenon in 1917
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