the Adventures of Lonic: a gay rhythm game fan fic - Part 6

so, now, Lonic Part 6 begins
[9:30 PM]
this part will cover Lonic before part 1
[9:31 PM]
Lonic's mother, Sonic 06 was riding in a 747, in luggage class when she decided to give birth to Lonic. This was Lonic's 5th time being born
[9:33 PM]
Immediately after being born again, Lonic noticed that the plane was flying in an unstable manner
Lonic knew he had to fix it.
[9:34 PM]
So, at the age of adulthood, 43 seconds old, Lonic left his mother behind and entered the passenger area of the plane
[9:35 PM]
He noticed a couple of men with guns and asked them about the problem. They offered Lonic some tea while they executed some of the other passengers.
After Lonic finished his tea, he continued his journey and entered the business class seating. He thought of his mother, who he left behind so long ago.
[9:36 PM]
In business class, he noticed that the leaves on the trees were starting change colors
[9:37 PM]
Lonic asked a man in his seat why the leaves were changing colors. The man told him that happens in fall, but earlier for trees on planes
Lonic didn't know what trees were, having been born just 20 minutes ago
[9:40 PM]
Then Lonic reached the first class area. Everyone was dead, except a man with a gun. Lonic asked him what time it was. He told Lonic is was just about 8am
[9:40 PM]
So Lonic killed him
The plane wasn't flying very well still, so Lonic broke open the door to the cockpit
[9:41 PM]
There were 2 dead man on the floor and 2 other men flighting the plane. Lonic asked them what the problem was
[9:42 PM]
One guy says they are trying to hit that building over there, but they keep missing by a couple miles.
Lonic says he can help and turns off the building avoidance mode
[9:43 PM]
A few minutes later, the plane hits the building in a huge fireball
Lonic bursts through the flaming building with his fist out. The Lonic Logo and the words "Part 6" appear below him as time stops
This is the story of the 3rd time Lonic was born.
[9:22 PM]
Back when dinosaurs ruled the earth
[9:23 PM]
Lonic was born on the golden moon that used to exist, as prince of the golderanians
[9:24 PM]
Everyday lonic played in the golden oceans and breathed the golden air. For breakfast, he always had solid gold cheesecake

lonic lived a happy life, until one day
[9:28 PM]
he woke up and the golden moon was gone. He wondered all over the golden moon looking for it
[9:29 PM]
so sad he was, Lonic killed himself.
BUT Lonic was the golden moon
[9:33 PM]
the golden moon, who was lonic, was now sad and killed itself
[9:33 PM]
it began to fall out of the sky, towards
[9:33 PM]
[9:34 PM]
the dinosaurs were all worried
[9:37 PM]
As the golden moon start falling to earth. oooaaqo, just a regular, nonrobot, nongolden dinosaur then punch the golden moon
[9:37 PM]
the golden moon shattered into 100 million and 67 peices.
[9:38 PM]
legend says that anyone who collects all the pieces will get free long distance calling for 17 years
and the dinosuars lived happily ever after until they later decided to retire from living

Back in 0 AD, Lonic was born for the 2nd time. At a cattle ranch in China, surround by bison and flamingos
[10:39 PM]
Lonic was in love with a young girl from a nearby village. She was 5, but for legal reasons is a 8 million year old vampire

One day, she accidentally bite Lonic. She transformed into Lonic because she was half vampire and half werewolf and transforms into whatever she bites.
[10:44 PM]
Then, she killed Lonic. And united China
[10:44 PM]
and ruled over China until 1939 when she was shot by Hitler
Hitler then ate her and became immortal
This is the story of the 1st time Lonic was born
[11:53 PM]
700 trillion years ago
[11:54 PM]
Nothing existed except nothing.
[11:55 PM]
one day, nothing was bored
[11:56 PM]
nothing could not take any actions because actions hadnt yet been invented
[11:57 PM]
but then Lonic appeared out of nowhere
he wasnt actually nborn because being born wasnt yet invented

but Lonic invented moving fast after doing nothing for a trillion years
[12:01 AM]
soon lonic could move faster than nothing, the only thing existing
[12:04 AM]
Lonic out ran the nothing and got to somewhere, a place that never existed, but now did because it couldnt not exist
[12:05 AM]
Lonic then ran into something and invented dying
This is the story of the 4th time Lonic was born.

1939 Austria: Lonic was born to a decorated Captain in the mountains.

Lonic and his siblings were misbehaving, so their dad hired a young woman to take care of them

She was a nun, but not good at being a nun
[11:38 PM]
She taught all the kids how to sing

But no one knew that she was an agent of immortal Hitler
[11:39 PM]
She began giving Lonic special training
[11:40 PM]
Soon he was able to melt mountains with his voice

All killing his own family, Lonic turned to the nun and forced her to marry him
Together they cross the mountains into switzerland and conquered it in the name of Hitler
But then, Lonic was corrupted by an evil from another dimension, He then took out Hitler and ended the war.
Lonic then stepped into the other dimension and became Yodel Lonic. He lives til this day
On today's Lonic, we pick up 10 years in the future, 2023. 10 years have past since the HOA was destoryed my the Mayaians

After 10 years of ultra heavy drinking because of the tragic murder of his sister Ronic at the hands of the previous author of the Lonic story, who died soon after and emailed everyone with an email the rights to Lonic.
[10:59 PM]
Lonic decides he's going to make a change in his life and goes out drinking.
[11:00 PM]
with a blood alcohol content of 36MPG, Lonic starts to exist on a totally different plain of existence

In this new existence, Lonic learns of his previous births....
[11:03 PM]
700 trillion years ago, 0 AD in China, on the Golden moon, 1939 switzerland...

There is only one other being on this plain of existence.... Yodelonic 2: the sequal to Yodelonic
[11:05 PM]
Yodelonic 2 is 1/3 machine, 1/3 robot, and 1/3 mechahitler
[11:06 PM]
He tells Lonic that if he wants to save the princess, he'll have to power up and come back to defeat him
[11:07 PM]
then he kicks Lonic in the face... Lonic wakes up in his apartment, throws all of his alcohol into a flaming dumpster on the street below, buring down the whole city and leaves on his new quest to save the princess

and now, a new chapter of Lonic so shocking that Lonic fans may be shocked

Lonic set out on his quest to save the Princess from Yodel Lonic2

But Lonic determined that he didnt know the princess and since he's gay, wasn't interested (edited)
[10:40 PM]
Tired of everything, Lonic retired to a farm and lived there for 31 years
[10:41 PM]
One day, the farmer, who was actually 7. onic, decided to put good old Lonic down

So 7.onic took Lonic out back the farm and blasted him with his shotgun

but this wasnt any normal shotgun, it was the shotgun of complete character destruction. anyone shot with it is really dead and can never come back to life like you can from dying by normal shotgun
[10:43 PM]
Thus, Lonic completely stopped existing. No hell, no alt dimensions, just gone.
[10:43 PM]
[10:44 PM]
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