the Adventures of Lonic: a gay rhythm game fan fic - Part 4

its finally time
[6:28 PM]
the reason 4 living
[6:28 PM]
Lonic Part 4
[6:29 PM]
A new hope
After being chased to the end of the afterlife, the rebels finally captured the Dark Lord, Ronald Reagan
Just before he was executed, he pronounced that his name was really Ronal D. Reagan and that he left all of his treasure at sukumizu
[6:41 PM]
and thus the grand afterlife era begins!!
[6:45 PM]
with everyone in existence dead except 1 person, everyone else is now in the fight to control the entire afterlife
[6:45 PM]
it's literally DEAD OR DIE!!
since its not common knowledge, dead people who die in the after llife go to Hell^2 EX Hyper Edition
so, after everyone died, except 1 person, and Ronal D Reagan was executed, the great afterlife tournament begins
[5:44 PM]
its literally anyone and everyone who ever lived in a winner take all fighting tournament
[5:44 PM]
except the 1 person who hasnt died yet
through the first 36000 rounds, Lonic doesn't lose a match or fight anyone he knew... mostly commoners from all era of history, all push overs
[5:47 PM]
but then, in the 36001st round, Lonic is faced with his daugther, COVonic
[5:48 PM]
after 7 year
[5:48 PM]
of battle, lonic finally defeats her, but doesnt kill here because of his promise to never kill again
[5:50 PM]
with only a billion people left to fight, lonic moves closer to winning it all
back on earth, uiiiyooi is creating marketing campaigns so good directed towards inanimate objects that they are organizing themselves into living being to serve uiiiyooi
ideally... I'd like a short, christmas version of rappers delight with lonic, alvin the chipmonk and ooaaqoo
so, its not lonic story time, but thinking about it, I realized that since Lonic start with an "L" and its rhythm game based, that implies the existence of an "R" -onic who is Lonic's twin on the right side of sound
After 78000 years, the great afterlife tournament has reached the finals.
With nearly a trillion entries, lonic and oooaaqo have reached the finals
[4:49 PM]
They decide to not fight and to share responsibility for governing the afterlife
[4:49 PM]
And thus the tournament ended
[4:50 PM]
However, a new unforseen threat had emerged during the time it took to complete the tournament.
Back on earth, uiiiyooi's marketing campaign towards inanimate objects convincing them to become living beings has been so successful that the earth itself has transformed into a living creature and is now under uiiiyooi's control
today on Lonic, with uiiiyooi controlling the now living being Earth; the new rulers of the afterlife Lonic and oooaaqo decide this threat needs to be dealt with.
[4:21 PM]
but that they need even more help than just the combination of lonic, oooaaqo, and yodellonic they used in the previous final battle
While discussing it, yodel lonic informs them that he is also a transforming golden dinosaur robot in addition to being a hedgehog who is part bleach.... and as such, he could lead a 2nd team of bleach hedgehogs into battle and combine with them
[4:24 PM]
they would just need some more bleach hedgehogs to help them now
[4:25 PM]
Lonic then remembers that he once heard that he had a twin sister, Ronic, that he never met. He gives her a call and she joins them.
[4:27 PM]
yodel lonic tells them that he can actually combine with any hedgehog since is already a bleach hedgehog
[4:27 PM]
so, they ask Sonic for help and he agrees.... now they just need 1 more
[4:29 PM]
Sonic then remembers his younger brother who was way more powerful and advanced that Sonic hates him.... but with the Earth being alive, he decided to ask him for help.
[4:30 PM]
Lonic says, since he's L and his sister is R as in left and right channels.... should Sonics brother be Monic like Stereo and Mono
[4:31 PM]
Sonic says no
[4:31 PM]
Hise younger brother is 7.onic Where as Sonic is Stereo and 7.onic is complete surround sound.
[4:33 PM]
Thus, the 6 of them set off for the final, final battle ever
the 6 heroes set off to the final, final battle against uiiiyooi
[3:47 PM]
in space, there stare down uiiiyooi and the living planet earth
[3:48 PM]
oooaaqo tranforms from his dinosaur form to his dragon form, lonic transforms into a fireturck and ronic also transforms into a firetruck, but a pink one
[3:48 PM]
they combine with lonic becoming the right arm and ronic becoming the left arm
[3:49 PM]
then yodel lonic says it their turn to combine
[3:52 PM]
yodel lonic tranforms into his ubersonic mode, a dragon 600 quadrillion times bigger than the sun, emitting sound waves at 1600MKGhz, causing all particles in existence to start vibrating
[3:53 PM]
the particles begin to heat up to 100 millinillion degrees C, melting space and time itself
[3:55 PM]
it also melts dimensions
[3:55 PM]
and chocolate
[3:56 PM]
now that space time is all chocolately, lonic realizes that this is all a dream
[3:57 PM]
lonic awakens in the past
[3:59 PM]
10 seconds ago, just in time to watch yodel lonic transform again and melt everything, but this time its not a dream
[4:00 PM]
but, despite the extreme heat, no one dies
[4:03 PM]
uiiiyooi immediately starts a new marketing campaign aimed towards lonic and friends. with the goal of convincing them that yodel lonic is a bigger threat to existence
next time, a new final battle more final than the final, final battle
and now, the epic conclusion to Lonic!
[2:30 PM]
uiiiyooi manages to convince everyone that yodellonic is a serious problem
[2:32 PM]
oooaaqo says that its finally time to show the true power of golden robot dinosaurs.
yodel lonic laughs and reveals that he is an evil god of a perpendicular universe, a alternative universe, made to intersect and clash with ours
oooaaqo uncombines from Lonic and Ronic
[2:36 PM]
then, oooaaqo, eeii, and uiiiyooi combine into the golden dinosaur ultra hyper robot
[2:36 PM]
known as yyuuuakoo
[2:37 PM]
once they combined into yyuuuakoo, they can never separate again
[2:40 PM]
despite yodel lonic's insane size and temperature, yyuuuakoo punches him and rips out his time particles. yodel lonic screams has he can neither move, nor has a part or future
[2:45 PM]
yodel lonic fades into nothing
yyuuuakoo says that he has had enough of these damn hedgehogs
[2:47 PM]
and decides to erase existence from existence.
[2:49 PM]
Lonic watches as everything stops existing and the entire universe becomes less than nothing
[2:49 PM]
The last thing he can think is
[2:50 PM]
Did I really meet Jesus back on that island or was Jesus also part of the holographic simulation?
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