• Hey Everyone. It's me, Lyle. I find it quite hard to beleive that is had been 12 years since the last Lonic chapter was written.
    I must apologize for this break, if for some reason you were actually wanting more. (LOL).
    Lonic is a crazy fan fic that I wrote starting in 1994, when I was in middle school, and continued into 2000.
    Since then, I have graduated with a degree in Enviromental Science and spent the last 6 years studying the effects of global warming on polar bear habitats in the Arctic... Not exactly the store of enviromental to be writing crazy fan fiction.
    Since returning to civilation recently; I've learned that internet has become a place for absolute nonsense... and when it comes to nonsense... Lonic is king.

  • Without further ado, Lonic Part 5 starts now!

    The year is 2012, the very same year that the Mayans predicted the world would end.
    yyuuuakoo, however, had erased existence from existence, and thus, in 2012, there is no world to destory.
    Confused and unhappy, the Mayans destoryed the nothingness and the world began to exist again.
    The Earth has been repaired. Lonic and everyone he knew were given homes in a suburban neighborhood.
    Lonic part 5 is the story of everyday life in a town outside of a medium sized city somehwere in the USA.

    To be continued....